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Daily Eats

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on June 4, 2012

daily eats

go down that classy-ass douche bag littered strip known as south howard avenue, and you will stumble upon a little diner called daily eats. it’s easy to spot thanks to the cooling misters set up along the outside dining area, akin to something you’d see in a long line at six flags. you may go to this place. i will allow it.

daily eats interior

it’s a cool little place. all it needs is a counter to sit at and a bunch of old hairy waitresses, and it would be like something out of a roadtrip movie! but i mean it’s still pretty cool anyway. i went with my girlfriend oh, about a year ago and took these pictures. but i’ve been back since. [and busy! so very busy.]

they sell all that stuff people like. diner stuff. you know, like burgers, sandwiches, salads, mac and cheese, “shredder bowls” (assorted toppings on a bunch of rice and lettuce), breakfast foods, and ice cream. oh yes they have it all. they even have an evening version of the breakfast menu, to prevent customers from getting confused about what time of day it is. magnifique!

fried pickles

you will start your meal off with an order of fried pickles. it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, or if they say they are not serving them at that time, or even if they’ve run out. demand them. if you’ve had fried pickles before, you’ll understand why. daily eats serves them a bit differently than i’m used to, frying up the quartered form rather than the chips, so that it’s more like eating fries than chips. i prefer the chipped method, but these are excellent, and i appreciate the difference. perfect, crispy bastards served with ranch dressing. watch out for their innards dropping out.

double angus burger

i went with a double angus burger, because come on. burgers. you are given the option to add grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, or bacon for an extra 75¢ each. last time i did all of the above, which i recommend, but on this particular visit i may have just gotten the bacon and onions. regardless, the burger is pretty great, and surprisingly filling. pictured is the double, but even the single is enough to leave you fully satisfied, with little room left to eat.

inside the burger

the toppings are all quality, and they give you a wide assortment of cheeses to choose from for another 75¢. pepper jack, of course, is the only logical conclusion to come to here. they don’t serve the burger with condiments, but there is ketchup and mustard available to you on the table (you have to specifically request mayonnaise, which is the way life ought to be). the burger does come with a side of… some sort of burger sauce, which is kind of like a thousand island, but thicker and a bit spicy. use it. the beef is juicy and good, and the bun is solid.

oh, you may want to order down a step in rareness. i keep making the mistake of ordering medium rare, as pictured above, which turns out more like medium, or even medium well.

tater haters

i always order the “tater haters” as my side, also known as “satan’s coleslaw” by the regulars. it’s a pile of tater tots, covered in a cheese of some sort, with green onions, tomatoes, bacon, and jalapeños. it’s a medley of sexual pleasure. they’re great as a drunken snack, which works out well given the location. alcoholics. hilarious.

sweet potato fries

but there is stiff competition for the haters in the sweet potato fries. these bad boys come out crisp and light, more like regular fries than those of the sweet potato variety. and they are covered in some kinda sweet slime, which pushes them to the proverbial max. if you want sweet, this is for you.

it’s a good little place. the food is always satisfying, their breakfast is awesome (crunchy french toast, anyone?), and they aren’t assholes! which is nice, again, considering the area. if you’re nearby, stop in and have a pickle. or a hater.

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  1. Well summarized, their staff is always easy going, those sweet potato fries are darn good, and tots rock!

  2. (you have to specifically request mayonnaise, which is the way life ought to be)

    so true

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