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Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on May 19, 2011



cheerwine. has a more glorious drink ever existed? experts say no. will a more glorious drink ever exist? fortune tellers say no. cheerwine has long represented for me something more than just a mere soda… opening a cheerwine usually accompanied liberation from the boundaries of florida on a family trip, entering new, better states, whose gas stations offered new, better sodas. cheerwine is only widely available outside of florida, and relegated to the south east. so drinking it meant you were in the midst of some great adventure.

cheerwine, as you might imagine, is a cherry soda. it is a beautiful deep red color. it is sweet. bright and bubbly. well carbonated. it doesn’t play like a straight up fruit soda, though, as orange or grape might, or other cherry sodas. it has the complexity of a cola, or even a dr. pepper, with the prominent flavor of wild cherry. they use artificial flavoring to make cheerwine, so it doesn’t taste like you’re biting into a real cherry. the taste is something all of itself, something you’d have to try to know. and if you never have, you definitely should give it a try.

it is available in both cane sugar and HFCS varieties, but the glass bottles sold at subs-n-such use real sugar. according to their website, you can find it at a few different locations in florida, but it’s only widely available outside of the state. if you’re really hurting for it, they will ship it to you. and you know what? it’d be worth it. the reason i found subs-n-such was because i wanted cheerwine, and every time i go, i have a hard time not buying a cheerwine along with whatever else i’m picking up. a unique drink. truly the king of kings.

one of my favorite drinks ever. a legend.


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  1. Rodzilla said

    I’ve never had it, sounds like I need to change that.

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