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Nehi Orange

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on May 3, 2011


nehi orange

who loves orange soda?

alright dudes… this is nehi orange soda. i love orange soda. it’s a treat. it’s like candy, in drink form. and i can’t help but associate it with my youth. orange soda, grape soda, the ever-elusive strawberry soda… all childhood favorites. super sweet. super awesome.

i remember the name nehi, but honestly i can’t recall ever drinking a nehi orange soda before this. but nehi has been around for a while. i mean look at that bottle. totally retro. they were apparently recently obtained by the dr pepper snapple group, which is fine i guess. dr pepper snapple already owned the crush brand, but since nehi is still around, i take it to mean that they feel the product is different enough to keep producing. and different it is.

i haven’t had any orange soda quite like nehi before. they state pretty clearly that it is an artificially flavored orange soda, which is somewhat refreshing in a way. they stick to their classic ideals. it’s somewhat strangely opaque for an orange soda. not that you can usually see straight through orange sodas or anything, but this soda seems much… thicker. it’s not too sweet, just the right amount of sweetness for the flavor, which is immediately identifiable as artificial. like an orange candy. it just tastes fake. this isn’t a bad thing; it’s a unique flavor in the world of orange sodas. it actually reminds me a lot of the way an orange popsicle stick tastes after having finished the popsicle. again, instant nostalgia. not bad! certainly not the best orange soda i’ve ever had, but interesting. and it’s still orange soda.

not bad, but not worth going out of your way for.


4 Responses to “Nehi Orange”

  1. Rodzilla said

    For you http://bit.ly/ifEvgm

    • oh maaaaaaaaaaaaan! okay, well first of all, this is pretty excellent. need to get dat faygo. i can get behind their reasoning for going with the sodas they chose. but that totally sucks because i’ve been planning to do the exact same thing with lemon-lime sodas! i was just talking to a friend about this! once again, i’m reduced to a mere imitation.

  2. Rodzilla said

    nah homes, you beat them to the punch.

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