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Broadway Ristorante & Pizzeria

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on February 2, 2011

finally! back to the basics of food: college town middle-of-the-road pizza place, armed with a hefty menu of italian-type dishes, ready to deliver to YOU!!!

imagine the excitement of sitting around your off-campus collegiate living apartments, avoiding that five page paper that you called out of work to write, watching drawn together or something equally terrible on comedy central, when all of a sudden there’s a noise at the door! visitors? it wasn’t a knock… what was that? as you throw open the door, so desperate for human contact that you ignore the fact that you’re not wearing any pants, you catch the back of a pizza delivery dude walking away. to your amazement, you find a menu dangling from your door handle! why, it’s that new pizza place down the block. and they deliver! wonder if they’ll be as crappy as the last pizza place at that address?

looks like somebody just made dinner plans!

yes, those are the days we yearn to get back. the good old college days. incidentally, if you are still in the good ol’ college days, enjoy them while they last. soon the only people coming to your door will be jehovah’s witnesses. and they’ve only come for one reason.

anyway, broadway pizza is exactly like that (college pizza, not jehovah’s witnesses). they’ve got six (6) different locations across the state, all in college cities. so you know what you’re getting into. the idea is new york style pizza (thus the broadway), brought to college idiots in florida, whose idea of new york style pizza is limited to pizza hut’s “the big new yorker” pizza, circa 1999 (here’s a petition to bring that awful thing back… quick! be number 143 to sign!). also, their logo has the words “in memory of” prominently featured atop a silhouette of the new york city skyline, presumably in memory of the victims of 9/11 (not broadway pizza itself). good for them, but if their patriotism is a deciding factor in your choosing to go here or not, maybe you shouldn’t be concerning yourself with new york style pizza, and just go back to little caesars.

SO. during a darkplace marathon with a group of friends, we decided to get pizza. i suggested broadway, remembering good things about my last experience there. we ordered a couple pizzas for delivery, which ended up taking an hour (fifteen minutes more than they said). after a call from the pizza guy, who had a hard time navigating the labyrinth that is carlton arms north, the pizza had arrived! forty bucks for two extra large pizzas. and extra large they were!

extra cheese pizza

meat lovers pizza

an extra cheese, and a meat lovers pizza. so how does broadway pizza stack up? it’s actually a really decent pizza. pros include their awesome new york style crust (floppy enough to have to fold up, chewy in all the right places, and cooked to almost blackened on the bottom in their brick oven, gaving it a nice flavor), hella toppings (both plentiful and surprisingly high quality), and the cheese (great cheese; cooked to chewy, stringy, stretchy and cohesive, but the flavor and texture were still apparent to the point that you could tell it was good stuff). my only problem was with the sauce, which was simply lackluster and unimpressive. it didn’t taste like store bought or anything, but it really had very little presence at all… i would have like to see something maybe with a stronger tomato taste, and enough to really know it’s there and get a sense of its consistency.

overall, a really great pizza for that level of pizza place. i haven’t had much else there, but i know they have some good sized stromboli and calzones (it’s nice that they’ve made that distinction and offer both), which a couple of my friends eat fairly often, and recommend. i’ve also had their barbecue chicken pizza, and i remember thinking very highly of it, so you might want to give that a shot.

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