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Top 5 Wings of 2010

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on December 31, 2010

well 2010 is finally coming to a close, and though it may have not been the greatest year for me legally speaking, i was able to eat a lot of food. and i guess that could be considered an accomplishment. probably. so to commemorate another successful year of ingesting nourishment in order to sustain life, here is a list of the TOP FIVE WINGS i reviewed this year.

Wingstop on Urbanspoon5. Wingstop (Chain)

wangs meal

wingstop is one of my favorite wing places. it’s quick and dirty, with a bunch of different flavors that they do really well. their lemon pepper and garlic parmesan are what got me into non-buffalo wing flavors, and are still some of the best ones i’ve had to date. they also make the best french fries i’ve had in the area. their only setback is that their standard hot wing flavor kinda sucks. but I can forgive them for that… just this once.

Cole's BBQ on Urbanspoon4. Cole’s BBQ

cole's hot wings

this is not a wing place. dat some barbechu. but they just so happen to have delicious smoked barbecue wings on their menu, and their smokey flavor and tenderness is good enough to land them at number four on the list. their sauces are all variations on barbecue, with their hot being sufficiently spicy. very good.

Buffalo Wild Wings on Urbanspoon3. Buffalo Wild Wings (Chain)

my wings: buffalo dry rub left, medium middle, hot right

this is my new favorite wing place. a plethora of sauces and flavors, with a huge range of spiciness for both the traditional wing and barbecue sauces. admittedly, it’s not the best traditional wing sauce i’ve ever tasted, but it’s pretty good, and their variety more than makes up for it. and for a guy who likes spice, their different spicy flavors such as mango habenero and asian zing are a real nice change of pace.

Skipper's Smokehouse on Urbanspoon2. Skipper’s Smokehouse

a classic tampa bay spot, with some kickass wings. they do a special double-fried wing, which is just a blessing to us disgusting bastards who only eat food that’s been fried. that’s a wing, fried, dipped in sauce, and then fried again. their sauces are quite delicious, with a sweet-as-candy honey sauce like nothing i’ve ever had before.

Copper Top Pub on Urbanspoon1. Copper Top Pub

incredible smoked wangs

best wings in town… at a bar?? well… maybe. best i reviewed this year. these are some of the most unique wings i’ve ever had. copper top smokes their wings all day, then bakes them to get them a bit crisp before serving. and they are, without question, the most tender wings i’ve eaten. they literally fall of the bone when you pick them up. the sauce was great, but honestly it wouldn’t matter what the sauce tasted like with wings like this. delicious flavor, and incredible texture. great wings.

good year for wings. let’s hope for more of the same in 2011.


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