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Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on December 10, 2010


“wtf is this shit??”

yeah. i understand. it’s strange. it’s different. it’s foreign. so you’re scared! i get it. i was too. we’ve all been there. but life is about experiencing new things. stuff you’re not used to! and sometimes new and different takes the form of an opaque, milky, uncarbonated soft drink.


it’s called calpico. it’s japanese. and IT’S NOT BAD! i enjoy this wacky drink. it’s light like a soda, with a slight sweet, milky flavor. there is a bit of a tang to it, which reminds me of sprite (it’s just a bit acidic, not necessarily citrusy). but overall, it’s exactly what the words “soft drink” sound like. pleasant.

it’s just a light little treat. truly a delight. assuming you can look past their former politically incorrect logo and their unbearable website, you should give it a try!


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