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Dunkin’ Donuts Sausage Pancake Bites

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on November 8, 2010

dunkin donut's sausage pancake bites
i usually don’t make stops at dunkin’ donuts. if i ever do, 99% of the time it’s because i want doughnuts. you know, that thing in their name? i don’t buy into their new “bad-ass” attitude. meaning their desire to fill your chain store coffee needs. serve numerous egg-laden paninis or wraps or what have you. and possibly take over northern america?

but of course i saw these little devils and i had to try them. they’re like mini corn dogs, except instead of a hot dog inside it’s a breakfast sausage link, and instead of wacky corn dog batter, they use “pancake” batter. a pretty fair idea. why does this seem so familiar? OH YEAH:

ohhh yesssss. that’s why! they used to be called flapsticks, but now they are known by their much catchier name, original pancakes & sausage on a stick. no brevity for jimmy dean. well either way, my childhood was paved with roads of these things, so i am pretty partial to this particular combination of foods. in fact, mcdonald’s mcgriddle is my fast food breakfast of choice, narrowly beating out burger king’s croissan’wich. so, you might say that i am a PROFESSIONAL EXPERT in the field of sausage pancakery.

okay so i bought the things and tried them. they come in orders of three, and i had to get a double order to be satisfied in the least. they are a bit smaller than the advertisements led me to believe; they are the size that mini corn dogs usually come in, with thin little sausages inside. they are a bit greasy, and are actually pretty tough. they give very on the outside, unlike how an ordinary pancake might.

the taste is pretty good. the sausage has exactly what you’d expect from a breakfast sausage link style sausage, with a bit of a bite, but mostly just warm savory flavor. the “pancake” breading was not at all what i expected; they used cornmeal in the batter to give it a much firmer and generally more corn dog like feel and taste. it was good, but not what i was looking for, and disappointingly not much like a pancake at all. it did have a bit of a pancake taste, though, and there was a clear hint of maple in the aftertaste, as advertised. but i would have liked it to be much stronger, making the product sweeter in general. as it was, it was not at all what i was hoping for. not too bad, but i don’t think i’d buy it again.

dunkin’ donuts, you’ve failed me for the last time. thank jebus for krispy kreme.


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