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Xing Tea

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on October 26, 2010

xing tea

i’ve started seeing cans of xing tea around town at different gas stations, hiding in small numbers among the plethora of arizona and even peace tea options. so i decided to finally pick one up, and i notice the price tag – $1.49!!! WHAT AN OUTRAGE! surely they jest! for sitting next to it is a can of arizona tea, for a mere 99¢! this was at a CVS, so maybe they’re not priced like this everywhere. let’s hope not

okay so an extra fifty cents is not a big deal at all, especially considering you’re getting more to drink than you would with a bottle of soda, and it’s going to be better for you, for basically the same price. so good deal. they only had two varieties – green tea with pomegranate, and green tea with mango. i picked up the pomegranate, because i wasn’t feeling festive enough for mango at the time.

the tea is actually very good. it is not nearly as strong as either arizona or peace teas, instead it has a lighter, less manufactured tea flavor. the hints of pomegranate was not in your face, but more of an accent to the tea, which was really nice (i rarely drink arizona’s pomegranate tea because it hijacks the whole taste). it wasn’t overly sweet like peace tea can be, but it was sweet enough that you couldn’t detect any real bitter. it was a perfect balance. apparently they use both cane sugar and honey to sweeten; all natural ingredients.

i was actually rather impressed with this tea. checking out the site, i found that they have a whole bunch of different flavors that just aren’t offered widely (including half green half black tea, green tea with lemon, blueberry green tea, and even a cherry green tea), and they also offer sugar free options. i guess they’re still looking to get a more wide distribution, because there are photos on their site from events they’ve been to or sponsored (in tampa) for promotional purposes. apparently they are harnessing the awesome power of boobs for promotional purposes too.

so if you’re looking for a drink, give xing tea a try. it’s worth the extra fifty cents.


UPDATE: i’ve since had the mango green tea, which had a huge mango flavor. i don’t know if this was because mango is such a strong flavor compared to pomegranate, but it was far more intense, and about as sweet. i personally preferred the subtler pomegranate, but the mango should be perfect for any mango lover.


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