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Acropolis Greek Taverna

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on October 23, 2010


this is acropolis, new tampa (in the same plaza as mr. dunderbak’s, on bruce b downs). now, maybe i’m not “hip” or “cool” enough to know this first hand, but i’m pretty sure that this place turns into a club of some sort at night. and they have hookah available, and sometimes even live music. they also have belly dancer. obviously this type of social interaction is beyond me, thus my lunch visit to acropolis.

acropolis is a nice, large place, with both indoor and outdoor seating. it’s a bit classier than my usual haunt, which is nice for a change i suppose, but sort of removes it from my standard hangout list. i mean, i went in wearing flip flops, and i felt alright about my decision, but i felt under-dressed. it’s got atmosphere, you know? and napkins everywhere. that kind of classy. and the serve food!


so my friend ordered these dolmades. they are stuffed with rice and “greek herbs”, which could be anything. my friend is a big fan of these little grape-leaf wraps, whereas i am just okay with them… i’ll eat them, but i wouldn’t order them myself. she really likes acropolis’ dolmades, and i actually enjoyed them quite a bit too. they were milder than the dolmades i’m used to, which is nice because they are usually a bit much.


now spanakopita… that i like. i ordered this dish for us. i love this stuff… it’s like the dirty hippie cousin of quiche (a dish i also thoroughly enjoy). they prepare this fresh (or maybe they just forgot i ordered it) because it took some extra time to come out, but it was totally worth it. usually the spanakopita i get it kind of thin and flakey; this one was thick, packed with spinach and feta and whatever other madness goes inside, packed between some pretty intense pastry dough. it was very good.

side greek salad

of course i had to get a side greek salad, because greek salad is the best. it came with some sort of raspberry greek dressing, which was actually quite good (though not traditional greek dressing good). the salad was packed with high quality tomatoes, peppers, onions, black olives, and a nice chunk of feta cheese, but the lettuce was a bit wilted. still, i was glad to have ordered it, because it was delicious.


and yes, the coup de grâce: THE GYRO!! i was able to take like three bites out of this before i was totally stuffed… i always get way too much food! STUPID… real stupid. but it was delicious. the onions and tomatoes were great, and the tzatziki was delicious (it almost tasted like a sweet icing… perhaps i was growing delusional from food stroke). the pita was exceptionally good; where ordinarily i would not think twice about it, this pita tasted fresh, pillowy, and a bit crisp. and the meat was perfect. acropolis does a great job of seasoning their meat. GOOD ON THEM, i say.

good on them.

all in all, a great meal. and they offer a discount for usf students! take advantage of that. i apologize for not being able to speak of their club-like after hours atmosphere, but honestly i don’t care much about that anyway. i will likely go back here, or to one of their other locations (the ybor one is good), because even though the atmosphere is not so much up my alley, the food is just really high quality and totally worth the visit.

check it out!

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5 Responses to “Acropolis Greek Taverna”

  1. Scott said

    Hmmm, might try this for variety. I also like grape leaves wrapped around herbs and rice (dolmades?)

  2. Greece Guy said

    Wow, that food looks so delicious. I love Greek Salad.

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