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La Mexicana Salsa

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on October 20, 2010

la mexicana salsa

now THIS is some fresh salsa. dis ain’t none of dat lame-ass tostito bull. nah, dis is LA MEXICANA. la mexicana’s claim to fame is their freshness, and they make good on that claim [although, i don’t think it can really be called a claim to fame, because i sure as hell have never heard of them before]. i just saw it when shopping at publix, which was, in fact, a pleasure. it was tucked away in the fresh fruits/vegetables section, and rightfully so. with every taste i feel like i am biting into a GIANT SPICY TOMATO.

immediately upon opening the container, you get a good idea for what you’re getting into. it’s got a robust spicy tomato-y scent to it. it is a bit watery, but basically looks like something you’d get at any decent mexican restaurant. and the taste is unbelievable. the tomatoes, the onions, and the peppers all pop with freshness, along with a light cilantro flavor. they practically just diced ingredients and packaged it. it almost has a light fruitiness to it. i was reminded of a juicy watermelon. and there is a nice spice to it that kicks in as you eat it. i got the medium salsa, and so it wasn’t unbearable, but after blowing through the majority of it in my first sitting, my nose was running quite a bit. it’s just the right amount of spiciness to accent the fresh flavor. did i mention this tastes fresh?

i will definitely grab this again. it is nothing flashy, no special tricks, just straight up fresh ingredients to make one hell of a salsa. totally recommended.


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