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Coconut M&M’s

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on October 20, 2010

m&m's coconut

okay, so right off the bat, i’m gonna say that i like this better than the pretzel m&m’s. those things were dumb. these… eh i wouldn’t say dumb. i think the concept has potential, but the execution was off by a little bit. that little bit is that there’s no actual coconut in these things at all. wtf?? why? i don’t know. those jerks.

so they are pretty standard for m&m’s… they are a bit fatter than the normal milk chocolate m&m’s, but not too big. the outsides feature delightful additions to the m on some of the candies, including flowers, umbrellas, and palm trees. FUN. you bite into it, and you get a lot of milk chocolate flavor, with a hint of coconut. and there is… something strange going on with the texture. it’s almost like there are little pieces of coconut in it, as there is a bit of almost salty resistance as there might be with shreds of coconut, but knowing there is no real coconut in there, that is just… unsettling to me. but it mostly fails in that the coconut taste is just not real coconut.

i’m not disgusted… i made it through the whole bag, but i don’t think i’ll buy them again. WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST USE REAL COCONUT, M&M? YOU TOO GOOD FOR REAL COCONUT?! YOU DON’T THINK WE WANT REAL COCONUT?!?!

DAMN YOU, M&M!!!!!

ps. buy these instead.


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