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Krystal Game Time Wings

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on October 8, 2010

so i went to krystal burger and tried their new “game time wings”. actually, i tried like five different items there. it seems that every time i go to krystal, i have to order just about as many different items as i can think of at the drive through menu. it’s sick. but it always results in a corn pup, so it’s okay. [try their corn pups!]

so i wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this. drive through wings are rarely a good thing, although to be fair, they are pretty rare altogether. they have three varieties: hot ‘n wild, zingin’ buffalo, and somkin’ bbq (all featuring mouthwatering apostrophes!). i was a bit confused at the window, and ended up ordering hot ‘n wild, though if i had another chance, i’d have gotten zingin’ buffalo. ah well. regrets.

they took a little extra time to cook than the rest of the order, and they came out hot, with a side of blue cheese… or ranch. i dunno which. i didn’t use it. the wings themselves were really small, dinky even. in fact, i thought that i had just gotten an order of chicken nuggets (does krystal even make chicken nuggets?? i hope not), because they were so small, and they had breaded and fried exteriors. but alas, they were just tiny. they had a good bite to them, although nothing extraordinary, but there was nothing wet about them outside of the tender chicken meat. i really do prefer a wet wing to a dry one, regardless of flavor.

all that i can really say that i liked about these was they tasted like a nice fried chicken with decent spices. but right next to krystal is a popeyes, AND a church’s! so it’s like… why bother? i wouldn’t again.

but i will go back for all their other awesome food. corn pups, anyone?

eat corn pups.


2 Responses to “Krystal Game Time Wings”

  1. Rob said

    well you’re a fucking moron. they’re suppose to be a dry rub. they market 3 flavors of wings without all of the mess.

    • Rhett Butler Trimm said

      Ain’t no such thing as hot wings without the mess, dummy. That’s what the man was complaining about. You want dry wings, get some jerky and hot sauce.

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