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Steak ‘n Shake’s Wisconsin Buttery Burger

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on September 15, 2010

i love me some steak n’ shake. always. it’s one of my preferred hang outs. and these days, they are constantly changing or adding things to their menu. where they once stood strong as purveyors of steakburgers and milkshakes, chili, a few melts and the formidable turkey club, now they serve lots of stupid crap, like salads. and hot dogs(???). dumb. they also added a lot of different styles of steakburgers, most notable of which is the mysterious and artery-clogging wisconsin buttery steakburger.

yikes. who came up with this one? a burger featuring butter as its main special ingredient? i want to die as much as the next person, but do i really want to die today??

well, after months of casually joking about it (“wtf a butter burger?”, “let’s get butter burgers!”, “oh yeah, i’m totally going to order and eat that.”, “doctor, seriously, i want a butter burger… is there something wrong with me?”), we finally came to the conclusion that we actually did want to give it a try. but we decided that eating an entire butter burger would be too much, and that we’d split it in half. and so we did.

steak 'n shake's wisconsin buttery steakburger

and there it is! the slimy butter burger! topped with a slice of cheese and some grilled onions. it almost just seemed like a greasier steak burger. we dug right in, and were shocked, and shamed, to find that it actually wasn’t bad. there was butter loaded into every nook and cranny of this monstrosity, and that worked in its favor. it turns out that the butter serves to bring out the flavor of the steakburger meat itself, which is a nice change from my usual order of a steakburger covered in all sorts of goodness. the grilled onions are fine on there, and the cheese is pretty much lost in the madness of all that butter. it is, of course, greasy, but it’s such a simple overall flavor that it works.

an interesting side note – i also tried the western ‘n bacon steakburger, and i prefer the butter burger. no foolin’.

i sadly recommend trying this stupid thing. probably best split between two people, and maybe not more than once in a lifetime, but check it out. it’ll give you an renewed appreciation for the basic goodness that steak n’ shake consistently serves up every day.


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