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Taco Bell’s Chicken Flatbread Sandwich

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on September 14, 2010

i tried taco bell’s NEW chicken flatbread sandwich today. and i was not expecting much from this thing. the commercials make it look a lot like their regular chicken quesadillas (which i’m quite partial to), except made on a flatbread, and smaller. and they already did that with their quesadillas! they had QUESADILLA XL or XTREME or SUPERBIG a while back, which was just the quesadillas on a thicker flatbread, with a different sauce. so, as i said, not expecting much.

taco bell's chicken flatbread sandwich

okay, basically any actual fast food photography is gonna look like shit, so you’re just going to have to trust me on this, but this little crappy looking thing was actually pretty great! it was a bit like the quesadillas, as i had thought, but really, there were a lot of differences. of course, it is smaller, but the thick flatbread is quite filling (and actually tastes really good, just a bit warm and toasty). there seemed to be quite a bit more chicken in this than there is in the quesadillas, so that is a plus, with a little less cheese. the best part is the sauce, though. they use a “chipotle sauce” of some sort (everything has chipotle sauce these days), which has a nice spiced flavor i couldn’t quite pin down. it had a bit of a bite to it, which was a really nice touch.

for just a buck, this thing is totally worth it! it’s not huge, so it won’t fill you up, but there’s enough unique about this that it stands out on the menu, and holds its own. try it out!

UPDATE: since i wrote this entry, i have ordered at least one chicken flatbread sandwich every time i’ve gone to taco bell, which is probably around once a week. just a testament to how much i ended up enjoying these things.

UPDATE 2: …they have discontinued the chicken flatbread sandwich. words cannot express my grief.

UPDATE 3: ITS BACK!!! they are bringing the chicken flatbread sandwich back for a limited time, starting september 5th!! god bless america.


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