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Chick Fil-a Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Posted by Tampa Bay Food Monster on July 28, 2010

ohhh yeah. the spicy chicken sandwich from chick-fil-a. got the combo meal. and a sweet tea. awwww yeah… fuckin’ sweet tea. i’ve been waiting to try this sandwich, with the last few weeks just not having time for it. finally, today i was able to pick it up.

the sandwich itself is pretty much a duplicate of the old one. in fact, if it weren’t for the new baggy, i would has expected it to be an old one. i was eating on kind of a time budget, so i had to hurry. this kind of hurt my ability to really judge the sandwich, as it was very hot temperature-wise. i had to use the “reverse blow”, which sort of fanned the flames of the spicy? maybe not. but i was also pressured to continue eating because it was so good. i love chick-fil-a, and this sandwich was pretty much the same as you always get. but the heat was definitely there. it kicks in just near the end of your bite, like an after taste. it was a nice complete burn. nothing too spicy. a good, almost cajun spice. it was really good, subtle. i think it’s a nice balance to the original sandwiches… this definitely doesn’t replace them, but if you’re in the mood for a mild kick, this will do the job and then some. good stuff. would recommend. would buy again.


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